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Nonin Medical’s 7500FO (fiber optic) tabletop pulse oximeter was specifically developed for use in fixed-site or mobile MR facilities for monitoring infant, pediatric and adult patients. With simple toe or finger wrap sensor application, the 7500FO’s compact design, simple functionality, minimum 30-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge and minimum 70 hours of memory makes it well suited for MR applications.
*NOTE: The Nonin 7500FO is a specialized pulse oximeter designed specifically for use in the MRI environment and uses unique fiber optic cables and sensors required in MRI.
*NOTE: When use on animals, the 7500FO is most often used with the 8000FI-20 or 8000FI-30 infant/pediatric FO sensors.
*NOTE: The Nonin 7500FO is one of Nonin’s “Human” monitoring devices. As such, it has Nonin’s state-of-the-art human software with a pulse range of 18-321 bpm. The 7500FO’s pulse rate range is adequate for monitoring many animal species, including dogs and cats, but it may not be adequate for species that have pulse rates above 321 bpm such as rodents.
  • MRI Compatibility: Rated 3.0 tesla
  • Proven: PureSATĀ® pulse oximetry technology
  • Convenient: Lightweight & compact
  • Easy to Use: Bright LED displays and large display screen offer clear readability
  • Durable: Rugged design
  • Powerful: Over 70 hours of memory available for extended monitoring
  • Versatile: Monitors pediatric to adult patients in acute care to homecare environments
  • Flexible: Use as a stand-alone device or interface with other equipment

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