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This multi-parameter monitor has the “best in class” for key parameters: Cardell® blood pressure technology, Nellcor pulse oximetry and Oridion capnography. The ECG is 3-lead – also available in a 5-lead option. With its compact size and 4-6 hours of operation from a rechargeable battery, this lightweight monitor is an ideal tool for the modern veterinary practice. An esophageal/rectal temperature probe is optional as is a printer and rolling stand. Included are 13 cuffs in 7 sizes, lingual SpO2 probe, 3 CO2 filter lines and a 3-lead ECG wire set.
  • CO2 has low dead space; great for small patients
  • Low sample rate of 50 ml/min
  • Blood pressure component provides systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure automatically in seconds
  • Automatic, STAT and manual blood pressure modes
  • Pulse rate range from 20-300 beats/min
  • Nellcor all-digital SpO2 OxiMax® technology
  • High and low alarm settings for all parameters
  • 3- or 5-lead ECG capability
  • Multiple variable lead trace waveform selection
  • 6 gain size selections; trace freeze option
  • Patient history and alarm history displays
  • Operates on AC or rechargeable battery
  • PC Connectivity via serial port and free Vital Record™ software
  • Economically priced, light and compact at 4 lbs
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