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The Centurion eXceL Emergency Surgery Light embodies all of the fine features found in the Centurion series – plus the important addition of battery back-up power for the ability to maintain over 2 hours of uninterrupted light output, in case of power outage. An excellent internal power control system ensures light for surgery in the most adverse electrical conditions. The standard portable model is complemented by wall mount and single ceiling mount models for most permanent type installations.
  • 6,000 ft candles (64,500lux) output at 1mtr distance
  • 4,000º Kelvin color temperature
  • Power supply circuitry, battery and charging system are fully contained in a steel enclosure 19″ wide x 7.5″ high. The enclosure serves as the base for the lighting fixture and a 1.75″ diameter upright tube for the floor models.
  • Four casters, two with locking mechanisms, allowing easy mobility
  • Multiple power inputs include: 115VAC 50/60Hz or 230VAC 50/60Hz
  • Operating voltage range: 110-125VAC or 220-250VAC
  • A lead-acid battery supplies back-up power. An automatic switching device is incorporated for battery operation in the event of power failure.
  • Output of circuitry is 12 VDC, 8.0 Amp to power a 12 Volt 90 Watt halogen bulb.
  • Battery is sufficient to power the lamp for a minimum of two hours.

The battery charges while plugged into an AC outlet, and is fully charged within 8 hours. The charging system incorporates a mechanism which prevents overcharging of the battery.

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