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Centurion Excel represents the new standard in minor surgery lighting, featuring a larger reflector, higher output, a larger pattern and improved shadow control. Available in all of the normal 21st Century Series mounting options: Wall, Portable, Single, Dual or Combo Fixed

Ceiling Mounts.
  • Prefocused 6″(150mm) spot, at 1 meter distance
  • 6,000 ft candles (64,500 lux) output at 1 meter
  • 16″(406 mm) diameter, multi-faceted reflector for excellent shadow control
  • IR absorbing, color-correcting glass cylinder
  • 90 watt halogen bulb – quick bulb replacement
  • 28″ (711 mm) articulating arm with integral compression spring
  • 23″ extension arm
  • Lamp head and arm both rotate 540 degrees
  • Arm moves 40 degrees up and down from horizontal plane
  • Standard removable, sterilizable handle
  • Additional positioning handle on perimeter of light head
  • Removable, sterilizable handle

Available Mountings: Wall, Portable, Single, Dual or Combo fixed ceiling mounts, Chuttletrak ceiling track mounts

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