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The Hallowell EMC Model 2000 and 2002 are electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure limited ventilators.


Time cycled — Insures consistent, repetitious, dependable breathing at respiratory rates (6 – 40 bpm).
Volume constant — Insures that each delivered breath will have essentially the same volume, independent of changes in patient compliance and airway resistance (deliverable tidal volume (TV) range 20 to 3,000 cc).
Pressure Limited — limits maximum working pressure (MWPL) to an adjustable range of 10 – 60 cm H2O (patient safety feature)
Interchangeable bellows and housings for use in range of animals weights (1 to 200 kg).
Easily adaptable to all anesthesia circuits with out-of-circuit vaporizers.
Replaces the breathing bag in any anesthesia system that utilizes a precision vaporizer, be it rebreathing (RB) or non-rebreathing (NRB). .
Inspiratory flow rates of 0 to 100 lpm can be utilized over the full range of 6 to 40 breaths per minute (BPM) to the tidal volume limit of the bellows and housing in use.
Ascending bellows design.
Economical use of supply gas.
Inspiratory Hold mode.
Dual airway pressure alarm, Low supply Gas Alarm. All alarms are automatically reset when the condition is corrected
Model 2002 offers finer volume adjustments at the low end of the range.

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