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Helps prevent hypothermia during small animal surgeries
  • Extra large 22″(w) x 60″(l) flat top has a 15″ x 48″ heated area.
  • The thermostatic control is located on the frame for easy monitoring of temperature.
  • Raised center permits fluid run-off into a perimeter trough and to a drain outlet.
  • Directional tilt lock secures the top in almost any position, from horizontal to near vertical.
  • Attachment rail system runs continually along the sides and ends of the table.
  • Four sliding, quick-release, cam cleat tie-down attachments are provided, and can be tightened in any position along the attachment rail.
  • Table can be lifted from 28″ to 39″.
  • Controlled heating in temperature ranges from 70º F-97º F with even heat distribution.
  • Electrical heating system is CSA approved

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