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The HUG-U-VAC is designed with over twenty years of positioning experience and intimate interaction with the needs of practicing veterinarians. The material has superior flexing qualities and therefore when evacuated the HUG-U-VAC has a spring-like action to maintain the patient solidly in the lateral position. The versatile head positioner provides precise head positioning for any size head, making it an ideal body positioner for microscopic surgery, radiological exams of the head and neck, and surgery in the ventral, dorsal or lateral position.
  • Positioner conforms to the contours of the animal’s body
  • Designed for office, hospital and field use
  • Body heat conservation
  • Emergency fracture stabilization
  • Secure head and neck support
  • X-ray lucent
  • Durable external shell made from an airtight and waterproof polyvinyl chloride shell containing polystyrene beads is easily cleaned
The Start-up Set Includes: Five HUG-U-VAC positioners (small, medium, large, extra large and jumbo), One HUG-U-VAC head positioner, One HUG-U-VAC manual vacuum pump with vacuum hose, One HUG-U-VAC storage/transport nylon duffel bag, Twenty (20) limb restraints, One patch kit, and a FREE Instructional Video
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