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MAC 5000


The MAC 5000 delivers the advanced disease management capabilities that only the industry’s most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer. And its part of our complete suite of networked, non-invasive testing solutions designed to maximize throughput and staff productivity. The system uniquely delivers seamless connectivity to the Catalyst™ MUSE® Information System for data storage and retrieval of ECGs. Combine this connectivity with the inherent performance of the MAC 5000 system and you’ve got the ultimate resting system ECG system.
  • 12SL with adult and pediatric interpretive ECG analysis remains your most clinically valuable second opinion.
  • QRS signal averaging program (Hi-Res).
  • The P-wave signal averaging program (PHi-Res) features a patented templating algorithm which enhances measurement accuracy by maximizing signal fidelity.
  • 15-lead acquisition, storage and analysis.
  • Digital Compact Acquisition Module helps eliminate non-cardiac electrical noise.
  • Optional Remote Query software facilitates immediate access to the complete ECG patient record.
  • Optional ACI-TIPI(Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Incentive Predictive Instrument) generates a numerical score representing the probability that the patient has Acute Cardiac Ischemia.
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