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The revolutionary system MyLab One includes an entire specialized, high performance ultrasound scanner, in just a 12 inch touch-screen display. The system allows the user to have the typical interaction you would have with any latest generation PC, simply by touching the screen, without using a keyboard or an external pointing device. The system is “arm-held” and due to its lightness and portability; it can be used even without a worktop, in complete autonomy by a single operator given that it is wearable thanks to its unique features. These particular characteristics make it possible to use the ultrasound scanner just about anywhere, even in more critical work conditions such as emergency situations, in which time and the reliability of the diagnosis are of paramount importance. The automatic rotation of the image according to the position of the system, an ergonomic probe equipped with controls, a long life battery, all add up to making this ultrasound an extraordinary innovation in the medical system arena.
  • Arm-held dedicated veterinary ultrasound system.
  • 12″ high-resolution full touch screen Integrated battery
  • Veterinary-dedicated transducers
  • Dedicated veterinary presets
  • Dedicated veterinary user interface with direct access to main functions by software keys
  • VET ID screen, including veterinary DICOM fields
  • Dedicated VET body marks
  • VET advanced & complete abdominal, cardiac, reproductive and equine tendon measurements,
  • TEI – Tissue Enhancement Imaging
  • X-View – extreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for transferring clinical data
  • Wireless connection capability
  • Windows platform and DICOM compliant
  • MyLab , Desk, software package for image management
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