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The MyLab Five is an optimal solution for a department where size, cost and value is of the essence. Developed on the acclaimed MyLab platform, it offers multiple applications and a wide range of transducers common to the MyLab family. The system has a 15 high resolution LCD that produces unmatched image quality while increasing user comfort and reducing eyestrain. The built-in carry handle and optional battery power make it even more attractive as a portable solution. The MyLab Five can be hand carried, or mounted on a foldaway or a height-adjustable cart. The system offers a modular platform and flexible system configuration and uses multi-frequency convex, linear, phased array probes that feature extended bandwidth and high frequency imaging.
  • Dedicated veterinary software
  • 9 Kilograms
  • 15″ high-brightness TFT flat screen
  • B, B/B, B/M, M-Mode – Color and Power Doppler
  • PW and Steerable CW Doppler
  • Integrated Stress-Echo
  • Zoom and Post Zoom modes
  • Application specific measurements
  • Individual user presets for each application
  • Real Time Archiving – 120 GB Hard drive
  • Connectivity: USB, CD, LAN
  • 3 Probe connectors (2 for PA/LA/CA probes, 1 for Doppler probe)
  • Linear, Convex, Micro-Convex, Phased and Rectal linear probes
  • Linear Probes up to18 MHz – Up to 36cm depth
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