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Processing fecal samples by centrifugal floatation has emerged as the new gold standard due to its improved sensitivity over traditional (gravity) floatation. Not only has centrifugation become the method of choice among veterinary parasitologists, but in addition there are multiple published papers that indicate this methodology has a significantly higher yield of parasites than the current floatation method
Perfect In-Clinic Solution: fast, easy, clean… The StatSpin OvaTube is the first centrifugation method that is easy and fast without the mess. With a simple coring tool to obtain sample, just add the sample to the tube and mix with standard floatation fluid. Centrifuge in either a fixed angle or horizontal centrifuge, remove the tube, add a coverslip, and twist. In just a few minutes results are ready to read.
  • Use with many common centrifuges
  • Standardizes process
  • Cost effective to run
  • Cleaner processing
  • Diagnose patients while in the office
  • Less than 5 minute coverslip time
  • Eliminate send-outs
  • Accurate results with confidence


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