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The OxiMax™ N-560™ pulse oximeter is a compact, affordable monitor. Designed for simple, intuitive operation, the OxiMax™ N-560™ incorporates Nellcor’s™ latest digital signal processing technology for accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion and other forms of signal interference. The result is more efficient, effective monitoring on a wide range of patients.
  • Compatible with the complete family of OxiMax™pulse oximetry sensors
  • Advanced signal processing enhances performance during low perfusion and signal interference
  • Equipped with SatSeconds™ alarm management technology, which offers a safe, practical way to reduce clinically insignificant alarms
  • Sensor Event Report feature allows alarm events to be stored in the OxiMax™ sensor while the OxiMax™N-560™ pulse oximeter is in use
  • Works with Nellcor’s™ Oxinet™ III remote respiratory monitoring system and Intouch™ 2 remote oximetry notification system to provide continuous pulse oximetry monitoring on the general care floor
  • 24-hour downloadable trend memory
  • Variable pitch beep tone enables you to hear point-by-point changes in SpO2
  • Display changes from green to red during SpO2 and pulse rate alarms
  • Eight-hour battery life
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