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We have incorporated our new State of the Art design, which takes advantage of sophisticated computer technology along with our exclusive remote sensing feedback circuitry to bring you a potent and powerful tool against periodontal disease.
The Sonus II is Autotuned, by constantly scanning and compensating, the oscillation is maintained at the optimum frequency when pressure is applied to the tip. This eliminates even partial loss of power. You can perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus and stain removal.
There are 9 different tips available for the Sonus II. Our heat treated surgical stainless steel tips glide smoothly across the tooth surface while water flows through the tip
DIRECTLY to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth and rinsing away any dislodged debris. At the touch of the foot control, the chevron shaped TRANSDUCER (stack) instantly surges power to the tip. Even after the foot control is released, the scaler’s delayed. cavitation feature disperses any excess water to a fine mist thereby eliminating the annoying “after drip”. The stack remains in the handpiece shell and the tips are interchangeable which is more economical as you DO NOT have to purchase the entire tip / insert combination. Recommended sterilization is steam autoclave or chemiclave.
  • Microcontroller Based Digital Auto-Tuned Circuit Digital Power Display
  • Quick Connect Foot Control
  • Water and Power Powerful and Efficient Power Supply
  • Scaler Handpiece Transducer (stack) installed in the Handpiece 4 Assorted Tips
  • Tip Wrench Quick Disconnect Waterline with Filter Foot Control Instruction Manual
TECHNICAL DATA Power Supply: 100-250 VAC, 50-6- Hz Operating Frequency: 17,500-19,000 Hz Water Input Pressure: 30-60 PSI (2-5 bar) Dimensions: W 7½ X D 9½ X H 3¼ Net Weight: 9 ½ lbs / 4.4 Kg. Shipping Weight: 11Lbs. / 4.93 Kg.
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