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American-manufactured Vet Trends™ Anesthesia Vital Signs Monitor is designed for easy operation giving you simple, readable, printable trending information. Designed specifically for veterinary use, not just reconfigured for veterinary medicine, there are no human ECG displays or human arrhythmia detections. Simple in-line logic screen layout means patient values are in-line with the waveform. Includes a diagnostic print out so you can finally read and diagnose what is going on with your patient’s ECG.
  • The brightest high definition color screen on the veterinary market
  • The only ECG designed for veterinary patients, tremendously reduced likelihood of double counting and erratic heart rates
  • Simple screen layout with patient vital signs values always in-line with their waveforms
  • Gold Standard Nellcor or Masimo SpO2
  • The First True Veterinary Indirect Blood Pressure
  • Reduced  frustrating and dangerous ECG double counting
  • PC interface with anesthesia report to attach to your patient’s file
  • The only veterinary monitor with Electrocautery rejection, this reduces Electrocautery from effecting your monitor and other devices… other monitors don’t have this feature because they were not designed for surgery
  • Vet Vectors™ ECG that is designed for veterinary patients… you can actually read the ECG on the screen

Options: upgradable CO2, upgradable invasive blood pressures. All units are MADE and SERVICED in the USA.

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