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PC-VetGard + is small, battery operated, wireless patient monitor that displays dynamic multiple monitoring parameters on your Windows based computer. The Bluetooth USB adaptor provided establishes a wireless link to your computer. The bonus Reviewer software ads to the VetGard’s versatility and includes automatic file storage, dynamic playback of traces, electronic ECG calipers, help in identifying and measuring ECG complexes and a table of normal ECG values for cats and dogs. The PC-VetGard+ is scalable in that you purchase only the monitoring parameters you want now with the flexibility of adding additional capability later without having to purchase a new monitor.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Omni-directional and interference-free wireless connection
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for over eight hours of use.
  • Save waveforms and vital signs to file for recall
  • Email ECG, CO2 waveforms and vital signs report to third parties
  • Most control functions including printing from the patient’s side
  • Print reports on plain paper from your computer
  • Input clinic and patient information for print report
  • Selectable High/Low alarms
  • Select chart speed, gain, grid, “R” wave markers, beat tone, alarms and more
  • Track heart rate to 800 BPM
  • Trend graph
  • Automatic storage of vital signs
  • Simply install software and plug miniature Bluetooth adaptor into your USB port
  • Free software upgrades for the life of the product.
The following monitoring parameters are available separately all packaged into a 19 oz. enclosure:
  • ECG, Temperature, Respiration, SpO2
  • Animal validated NIBP with systolic, diastolic and MAP
  • Inspired/Expired CO2 Capnograph and apnea detection
  • Inspired/Expired CO2, O2, N2O, Anesthesia Agents

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