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Medical Equipment Leasing

Benefits of Leasing

According to the Equipment Leasing Association:

  • 80% of all companies lease all or some of their equipment
  • Leasing helps businesses keep their equipment state-of-the-art
  • More companies acquire equipment through leases than through loans

Keeps Technology Current

  • Upgrade equipment to keep pace with fast changing technology
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence
  • Eliminate headaches caused by equipment disposal
  • Simply return the equipment at the end of the lease
  • Equipment add-ons and trade-ups can easily be written into the lease Improves

Cash Flow and Budgets

  • Eliminates financial “peaks and valleys” with predictable payments and budgeting
  • 100% financing provides affordability with no up-front cash or down payment
  • Preserves working capital and frees up credit lines
  • Overcome capital budget restraints by expensing lease payments

Provides Off-Balance Sheet Reporting and Potential Tax Savings

  • Allows customers to retain available credit for other needs
  • Provides potential tax and accounting benefits – consult your tax advisor for details


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