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veterinary cage and run installationVeterinary Cage & Run Installation

Equipment Outreach, Inc. offers the best in Cage and Run installation into Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, Animal Care and Control, and Humane Societies. Our staff has more than 15 years of experience installing Cages, Kitty Suites/Condos and Runs in all areas of the United States and Canada for all major manufacturers. We offer complete assemblies with the optional inclusion of sound deadening materials. We also offer a seismic anchoring system that we have applied to animal housing assemblies in seismic areas and mobile units.

veterinary startup consultantsWe also offer routine maintenance. We will come in to your facility to re-adjust all your animal housing units to function as new. Vibrations from use can cause cage doors to loosen and misalign. This causes inefficient latch function and inconvenience.

In addition, we can correct mismatched cage arrangements. Sometime as a result of a move or expansion there are cages that eventually getting stacked together but never fully assembled. Our experience shows this type arrangement is a liability due to unsound assembly. We can rearrange and reassemble these “misfits” into a sound and┬ásafe animal housing environment.

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