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Veterinary Hospital Startups

veterinary startup fundingEquipment Outreach, Inc. specializes in Veterinary Hospital Start-ups. We have been in existence since 1998. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the Animal Industry, which gives us the insight into the complexities that face a Veterinarian when starting up a new or expanding a current practice.

Funding is always an issue when starting a practice, whether your practice has an established clientele database producing a consistent revenue stream, or you are an energetic, new start-up venturing out into a bright and promising future. Equipment Outreach, Inc. has strategic relationships with different premier lending institutions. We understand the differences
between lending programs and which ones will fit your needs best. Our financial specialists will assist you to understand and navigate the benefits, and risks, of your funding options.

veterinary hospital architectsChoosing an Architect can also be difficult and confusing. Why is it not a good idea to choose the closest Architectural firm to your new facility? Over the years we have assisted Veterinarians through this process, we have found that there are only a handful of architects that specialize in and understand the needs of Veterinary Hospitals. We have seen the disasters that have cost clients tens of thousands of dollars. It is really imperative that an Architect with experience in the Veterinary Industry design or at least consult in the design of your new facility. This is especially true when you are one of the growing numbers of large facilities planning to install specialty products such as MRI, CT, O2 generators, Central Medical Gas, etc. Please allow us to introduce you to one of our Architect partners.

Then there is the decision around which medical equipment to choose. Recently Veterinarians have been struggling with many different issues, from initial cost of new equipment vs. reconditioned, 5 year cost of ownership, level of quality, certifications, accuracy of the equipment, ease of use and software integration issues.

Equipment Outreach, Inc. will first consult with the Veterinarian and Staff about the type of practice, level of practice and any special interests or specialty. In addition, we will fully discuss your equipment budget goals and your view of your equipment requirements. Once we get a full picture, we begin to build a customized package for your project. Anyone can put together a “canned” package, but all Veterinarians or Veterinary projects are NOT the same!

We will begin to recommend the best medical equipment for your exact application and budget. We may suggest all new or even a blend of new and reconditioned equipment. Our goal is to stay within your budget allowances while outfitting your hospital with the best equipment possible for your specific project. After we reach an approved list, we will work with your Architect, Contractor and your Electrician to insure that they have all of the proper equipment specifications and installation instructions.

When the timing is correct, we will order your equipment to be delivered and staged at our warehouse, or delivered to your new hospital site. This can be more difficult than one would expect. In most cases, our order can come from 20-50 different vendors and the timing of orders can be just shy of an art form. A mistake here can cause delays in opening your practice of up to a month. Let us take this hassle out of your list of important things to do in your startup or expansion. From everyday items to specialty products, Equipment Outreach, Inc. is your One Source for all your medical equipment needs.


Veterinary Hospital Expansions

A hospital expansion can be as difficult as or more so than a new hospital startup. Equipment Outreach, Inc. has the expertise to:

  • Evaluate your plans – will your new layout be built for optimum flow for you and your staff?
  • Assist with funding
  • Assist you to evaluate your current equipment vs. the your needs under the expansion. Are you bringing on new talent? Will they have special needs and wants? Is that monitor, lights, or surgery or other equipment going to be adequate for your new surgeon, internist, etc? Are your expansion plans going to mean you have outgrown that autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner?
  • Install new or move cages, kennels, kitty condos and runs

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