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Meet The President

Dan Brosler is the founder and CEO of Equipment Outreach, Inc.  Dan started his career in advertising, working for Harte Hanks Communications. Looking for a challenge, he took a marketing position with a growing veterinary group where he learned much about veterinary medicine. Dan soon began to assist in running a large specialty group (one of the first large specialty centers in Southern California). He was brought in to run a second large specialty group as well…expanding on his current knowledge base. Dan ran a large mobile vaccine clinic, setting up dozens of different sites and advertising in several western states. Over the following years, Dan went on to build six of his own veterinary practices.

In 1998, Dan and a partner started Equipment Outreach with the goal of offering Veterinarians a way to purchase quality reconditioned medical equipment at a fair price. With this in mind, he put together a team of highly skilled Biomedical Techs and a small support staff.   He was off to a good start, but around every corner the veterinarian wanted more sophisticated products. As clients grew and changed, the focus of Equipment Outreach shifted to new and better equipment.  In 2003, the partnership dissolved, and Equipment Outreach incorporated continued to grow under Dan’s direction.

Dan’s history of clinical and administrative/managerial experience with scores of clinics and specialists has given him a unique perspective into the needs of the Veterinary Hospital.  Rather than just sell what he has on the shelf, Dan has been in practices and can assess the practicality and needs of a clinic, no matter it’s size or specialties, and tailor his recommendations to be realistic with the hospital’s needs and it’s budget.

Dan is also a facilitator. He has the ability to bring people together and has networked with several quality industry partners to provide multiple services to his clients. From financing to architecture to credit card services, Dan makes sure that his industry partners assist in the success of his clients.

Currently Dan lives in Southern California with his wife Audrey and their family dogs Bode & Cheyenne!

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